Returning to the world of blogging

Hey there 🙂 It’s been while since the last time I created a blog post, I started this as an activity of the course #TC2004, and now I am back and upgraded to #TC3045.

A quick review of interesting things about me, I am a student from Mexico currently enrolled in the university ITESM, my passions are technology, music and video games. On the professional side, I have been in two Google internships (currently I am finishing my second one), and I am mostly focused on being a full stack developer.

My family and me taking a picture outside the Google store in the Googleplex, Mountain View, CA.

On the category of this course I will focus on covering topics about Software Quality and Testing, as well as my ideas on certain topics and the experience I have with these on the professional environments, if you want to have a chat with me or contact me I will link the following social media and public accounts so you can contact me or know more about my work:

I hope you can find something interesting in my post and I am available for any discussion about any topic 🙂

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