A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Lucas by Joey Gannon, on Flickr

That was the blue static text visible on the opening crawl of the first movie of Star Wars, it marked the beginning of an adventure to become one of the biggest franchises of all time. Starting to blog for the first time doesn’t differ too much from an adventure, you don’t really know where to start or how to do it, there’s no exact guide other than some articles on the Internet that can give you some tips, and for someone that doesn’t use social media to share information, it’s something that seems like out of this world.

The reason behind I started this blog is because this semester my teacher asked to do this task (sorry for the call out), and to be honest, this seems kinda weird, I feel like talking to myself because probably nobody is watching this other than me and the teacher (hopefully my classmates too), but also in some way I feel excitement too.

The concept of registering the things you do and share it with others it’s an awesome experience were both reader and writer can learn from, and personally, it feels like an opportunity to grow other than computer nerdy technical skills. The following posts in this blog will show my progress through the course, I will share on these all the topics that cover the course of Analysis and Modeling of Software Systems, and I expect that you can learn something from the information I present.

Just for the record the things I have done lately are:

  • Setup WordPress (duh).
  • Setting up an account for Hypothes.is (seems cool).
  • Understanding how to use Smalltalk (useful link that summarizes the language, more on this in upcoming posts).

I will be marking the course posts with the category of TC2004, if I have time, I will make other posts with other useful information outside of the scope of the course that can be useful for you, so feel free to poke around :).